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Young Professionals @ The World Convention (Ages 15 - 24)

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All of God's Young Professionals under one roof and under one banner, that is the dream.

My name is Blakeland Richard Shakarian and I am formally inviting all Full Gospel Young Professionals, as well as anyone who wants a life changing experience to the International World Convention this year in Houston Texas.

Every year our goal is not to just have a great time and make lifelong friends but to also stir up a fire in the hearts of this generation. ...A fire that will spread through the nations and that will act as a beacon to anyone in this world who needs God's light.

This year we aim to make it more than just that. Our goal this year is to show people how they are the light and the fire; by simply being just the best they can be and loving who they are and what God put them on this planet to do. They can make a difference in this broken world that we live in.

We hope to see you there!


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Blakeland Richard Shakarian




Wednesday Night:

Ricardo Oremuno  FGBMFI National President of Costa Rica

Ricardo started an International Youth Camp for the young people of FGBMFI and it has been a huge success for years.  The youth in his nation are going into schools and reaching their country in such an amazing way.  You will be inspired and motivated.

Thursday Afternoon:  

A special time with our International President, Richard Shakarian.  He will be announcing a special project just for the Young Professionals.  Don't miss this meeting.

Thursday Night:  

Jimmy Hughes  Longtime member, speaker and youth leader of FGBMFI 

Jimmy has a powerful testimony that cannot be missed.  He is one of the most dynamic speakers and isn't afraid of any obstacle that life has challenged him with.  This night will impact your life.  

Friday Night:

To Be Announced

Saturday afternoon

We are catering lunch in for us all to eat together at no charge to anyone.  Following lunch we will be going out amongst the Fourth of July crowds and sharing our testimonies with the people all day.  We will finish with a catered dinner for us also at no charge to anyone.

Saturday Night:  

Our group will join the main evening service and be a part of the program.  This is going to be such a great night.  No one should miss out on this great service.

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